Collaboration of entities

With the aim of publicising the policies and actions whereby social service organisations improve quality of life for the citizens of Catalonia, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya will grant space in some of its stations for such bodies to explain and inform FGC users of their projects and activities.
The spaces that will be granted, providing they are available, are the following:

Line Barcelona-Vallès
• Pl. Catalunya: vestíbul Bergara
• Provença: vestíbul enllaç Metro
• Gràcia: passadís entre accessos
• Sarrià: vestíbul superior
• Terrassa Rambla: passadís Blasco de Garay
• Universitat Autònoma: vestíbul superior
• Sabadell Rambla: vestíbul intermedi
• Sabadell-Estació: al costat del quiosc

Line Llobregat-Anoia
• Pl. Espanya: vestíbul superior
• Ildefons Cerdà: passadís sortida Centre Comercial
• Gornal: vestíbul
• L’Hospitalet Av. Carrilet: accés Av. Carrilet/Rambla Marina/carrer Cobalt
• Manresa Alta: vestíbul
• Igualada: accés andana

FGC has advertising spaces inside its trains (talking space) which can be used if they are free.

Places will be provided in the entrance halls of some stations (subject to availability) for handing in informative documentation, as long as distribution is by people from social inclusion bodies (disabled people)

Form collaboration of entities


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