European Year of Rail


The EU has declared 2021 the European Year of Rail. This initiative is conceived as an opportunity to raise awareness on the benefits of the railway as a sustainable, innovative and safe means of transport; a transport for the future.

As a leading company in Catalonia, FGC will organise and participate with other European railway companies in a series of events, campaigns and activities that will be carried out during this year with the aim of putting the railway at the centre of mobility, restoring user confidence, and encouraging more people to get on the train, especially the younger generations.

The railway plays a key role in the development of sustainable transport and tourism, and today betting on this mode is a commitment to achieve the goals of economic transformation, ecological transition and social inclusion that Europe sets for the coming years.

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FGC initiatives

FGC have done a campaign with a vinyl in the trains in order to communicate the European Year of Rail and encourage more people to use this mode of transport. Press release More information.