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We are a Covid-19 certified safe space.

The APPLUS certificate proves that FGC trains and stations are safe spaces against the risk of transmission.
What do we do on trains and stations?

  • Since the beginning of March, we have been carrying out a disinfection of all FGC trains and stations every day in addition to the usual cleaning.
    • Trains: All interior parts (armrests, bars, window frames, etc.) several times during the day. And special brigades carry out a thorough cleaning every night with virucidal and disinfecting products. Therefore, every morning all the trains are completely disinfected.
    • Stations: We clean several times a day, depending on the demand of each station (this can be from once a day to every 2-3 hours), all the elements that the passengers can touch.

What do we do in corporate buildings and company offices?

  • Specific signalling has been installed in all work areas on prevention and safety measures; hydroalcoholic gel and masks are available for all staff; the cleaning and disinfection of work surfaces and common areas is ensured. In addition, conditions of use have been defined for shared spaces and access to work centres has been controlled through body temperature controls at the entrance.
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