Sustainability governs all that we do, both in-house and everything to do with our transport and leisure services. Because if people are our central focus, we have to take an active stand to protect and preserve the environment they live in.

For this reason, our goal is to promote a greener Catalonia for today’s citizens and those to come, to create a future for our country. And environmental action is the best way to assure this future. In fact, sustainability is more than just another principle – it’s part of our DNA.


We are the most sustainable option for passenger and goods transport, as we avoid thousands of tonnes of CO₂ emissions. Specifically, those emitted by 75 million journeys in private vehicles and 81,000 lorries every year.


A tool to show the environmental impact of journeys by private vehicle graphically, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of travelling by public transport. It automatically calculates the CO2 emissions saved, the improvement in air quality, optimisation of energy consumption, the economic saving generated, the reduction in traffic congestion and the fall in accidents, for each route.


We carry on our activities in the most environment-friendly way, and encourage our visitors to do the same.


We save 81,801 lorry journeys a year, representing a saving of 3.1 million litres of diesel fuel. Our challenge is to save 202,000 lorry journeys a year by 2022, a 60% increase, as well as saving 70% more litres of diesel fuel and cutting polluting emissions by 66%.

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