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Remember to always wear a mask

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L'ús de mascareta és obligatori i cal dur-la correctament. A les principals estacions d'FGC hi ha instal·lades màquines de venda de mascaretes.

👌 Fem civisme. Utilitzem bé la mascareta! #ElCamíContinua #FGC


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Geo Tren

Discover Geotren 

Find out how full our trains are in real time.

How to wear a mask

Lets build public spirit together 

We all have to take care of each other by wearing face masks properly on trains and in stations. 

FGC and tolerance

#React to harassment 

Lets work together using the FGC app.  

FGC train in countryside


Our aim is to promote a greener Catalonia for todays citizens and those to come.  

Let’s move on to the future. Are you coming with us?

The future is something very serious, so serious that if we don’t worry about the present it may never come! Are you aware of that? Do you know what we play?

Risks in summer

Once again Civil Defence is beginning this year’s summer risk prevention and awareness-raising campaign.

Compliance channel

We aim to get better every day, and to do this we need your help. If you see any inappropriate attitudes or behaviour that could be a breach of the FGC Code of Ethics or a possible criminal offence, go to our compliance channel and report it.

Press room

Check and download the latest FGC news and all the multimedia material

Afectacions generals en el servei

A world of possibilities 

Enjoy tourism with FGC 

#RespiraNatura i gaudeix de Catalunya amb els cinc sentits!

El viatge continua. FGC et convida a redescobrir el territori amb l’oferta de turisme i muntanya d’aquest estiu. Catalunya és casa teva. Descobreix-la amb FGC!

Impuls FGC 

Find the best option for your business at Impuls FGC 

If youre interested in renting commercial space or premises, filming in FGC facilities, hiring advertising space or other special actions, Impuls is the channel for you.

Chatbot FGC


Chatbot FGC

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