FGC customers have the right:

1.To travel in a pleasant, clean and safe environment.

2. To be informed of the nature of the provision and operation of transport services, of any incidents which affect services, of the range of transport tickets from which they can choose, and of the conditions of use in force at any given time.

3. To be transported with the objects and packets they are carrying, as long as they do not cause any inconvenience or present a risk to other users according to the judgement of the customer service officers.

4. To be attended in Catalan, or in Spanish upon request.

5. In the event of an incident or the suspension of service, customers will have access to alternative means of transport when circumstances allow and, in any event, will be compensated according to the refund policy in force at any given time.

6. To be treated with respect and according to their personal characteristics and needs by all FGC staff and FGC service providers who have direct contact with customers.
7. To lodge complaints or suggestions they consider necessary with regard to service provision via the complaints forms available in every station, the station intercoms, the corporate website or the free telephone service.

8. To receive a reply from the company within 11 working days from the date of their complaint.

9. Customers with reduced mobility, the elderly, pregnant women and other persons or groups who merit special attention, have preferential seating available which is duly marked.

10. To travel with pets at any time as long as small animals are in a carrier and medium and large animals are on a leash and wear a muzzle. Guide or assistance dogs are excluded from this restriction.

11. To be attended by an FGC officer when necessary, using the means available at any given time or at any location on the transport network, whether in person or via the intercom system.