Single Ticket
FGC Customer Service Desk and Metro. Automatic ticket machine at FGC and Metro stations and Customer Service Centres and automatic ticket machines.

Barcelona- Vallès Line: FGC Customer Service Centres and automatic ticket machines.
Llobregat-Anoia Line: FGC Customer Service Centres and automatic ticket machines.

CFGC Customer Service Centres (Plaça Espanya). Automatic ticket machines.

Large Families
FGC Automatic ticket machines.




To find out the number of zones for the ticket you need to buy, as well as the price, consult your station of origin and destination in this search engine. 

Bitllet senzill

Single Ticket *

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senzill 2 en 1

2 in 1 **

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senzill 4 en 1

4 in 1 **

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* The single ticket can be used only on a single specific transport. It has a single price for all the operators within the system. It is personal with no name.
** Multi-user ticket, usable only on the same route.

  • Metro del Vallès
  • Metro del Baix Llobregat
  • Llobregat-Anoia, Servei Cercania
Abon trim FMFN Cat general


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Abon trim FMFN Cat general

Q. SPF/LF General Cat.

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Abon trim FMFN Cat especial

Q.- SPF/LF Special Cat.

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Abonament anual


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Abonament trimestral


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Abonament trimestral

Q. SPF/LF General Cat.

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Abonament trimestral

Trim. SPF/LF Special Cat.

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Abonament anual


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Abonament trimestral


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Abonament trimestral

G. SPF/LF General Cat.

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Abonament trimestral

Q. SPF/LF Special Cat.

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Abonament anual


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Annual School

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Annual School

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Annual School

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T Regional


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Card with 10 journeys, which allows the user to travel to 2 or 3 zones. It is an exclusive FGC card. It can be used only on the Llobregat-Anoia line, between the Aeri de Montserrat and Manresa-Baixador stations between La Beguda and Igualada.

Targeta pensionista

Pensioners’ Travelcard (*)

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Bitllet senzill 50 percent

Ticket 50%

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senzill 50 percent 2 en 1

Ticket 50% 2 in 1

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senzill 50 percent 2 en 1

Ticket 50% 4 in 1

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Bitllet senzill 75

Ticket 75%

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senzill 75 percent 2 en 1

Ticket 75% 2 in 1

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senzill 75 percent 4 en 1

Ticket 75% 4 in 1

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Non-transferable single-user ticket. Senior citizen card must be carried.
(*) Ticket integrated with FGC, TMB(Barcelona Metropolitan Transport) and EMT (Metropolitan Transport) buses, accepted for zone 1, for routes between Pl. Espanya and Moli Nou, and beetwen Pl. Catalunya and Reina Elisenda / Av. Tibidabo / Les Planes. Coverage time: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Bitllet senzill 50 percent


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senzill 20 percent cat general

Single Ticket 20% (*) General Cat.

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senzill 50 percent cat general

Single Ticket 50% (*) Special Cat.

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Bitllet FGC

T-Large, single-parent family (**)

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(*) Single tickets with a discount in one zone are not valid for Zone 1.
(**)50 journeys on the FGC lines, depending on the zones covered (from 1 to 6). Valid for 30 consecutive days, starting on the first day used. Personalised with the family ID number. Not valid for the first crown.

Bitllet FGC

Single Ticket

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