The FGC Activism Strategy 2030 in its core idea 3 “#ChooseTheSustainablePath” develops the challenges, goals and projects to face climate emergency from an activist positioning, and with the involvement of our interest groups.

FGC sides with the Paris Agreement (COP21) goals, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Plan for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Catalonia.

It also participates in the Voluntary Agreements Programme, in the Climate Action Commitments of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and in the initiatives Business Ambition for 1.5 C, Net Zero Commitment and Science Based Targets Initiative.

In FGC, all this is summarised in the following commitments:

Become carbon neutral by 2030
FGC has committed to achieving that the temperature growth above the pre-industrial levels is not exceeded in more than 1.5º C, reaching carbon “Net Zero” by 2030. In this sense, goals based on science will be applied in order to reduce direct and indirect emissions up to 92 % and the value chain emissions up to 57 %. These actions will be complemented with a removal and permanent neutralization strategy with a value equal to the waste.

Promote energy transition
FGC reduces electricity consumption through energy management, efficiency and research and replacing fossil fuel consumption. Since 2019 electrical energy is of 100 % renewable origin, and since 2021 it is of 100 % solar origin.

Promote circular economy

FGC plans the “zero waste” certification of all its industrial centres by 2022. In all of them they have been working for a long time on achieving a valuation figure close to 100 %, in the context of a circular business dynamics.
In this sense, the analysis of the life cycle of the products that FGC acquires is one of the core ideas of the Social Responsibility Contracting Model of the company.

Integrate adaptation to climate change in the planning, building and maintenance of infrastructures
FGC will develop the Adaptation Strategy 2030 that will include the impacts, the vulnerability and the on-going, foreseen or potentially applicable actions, so as to reduce the risks associated to climate change with direct impact in the activity and as a base for technical and operational solutions.

Valuation, preservation and promotion of the natural capital
FGC will promote actions of preservation and promotion of the natural capital through the valuation, preservation, promotion and creation of value increasing the benefits that these goods and services originating from nature provide, which make up the Natural Capital related with the environment of the mountain stations.