Why have I been charged the minimum penalty and what do I have to do?

If a user travels without a ticket, with a ticket or travel card that has not been validated or is not valid because of their characteristics or because of the characteristics of the journey, the following measures will be taken:a) Transport operator staff will demand payment of a minimum penalty of €100. For this purpose, staff will issue the document corresponding to the minimum penalty. The amount of this penalty must be paid within thirty days after it has been issued. If it is paid immediately, or within two working days after issue, the penalty will be reduced by 50 %.

b) When the penalty has been imposed on a person for travelling with a concession travel card, a specific travel card for large families or for single-parent families without the card proving entitlement to these cards, if the person presents the corresponding supporting documentation within 48 hours, the penalty is cancelled.

c) When the penalty has been imposed on a minor, the public transport operators must notify their legal guardians and must grant them the possibility of paying the penalty with a reduction of 50 % within thirty days.

d) If the user does not pay the penalty immediately, the staff of the transport operator must ask the user to show identification in order to manage payment. If the penalty is not paid within thirty days after issue, the administration responsible for the service will commence the corresponding administrative penalty proceedings in accordance with the applicable transport regulations.
e) If the user refuses to pay the minimum penalty or to identify himself or herself adequately, transport operator personnel may seek assistance from security staff or public law enforcement to identify the user, notwithstanding the faculty to demand that he or she get off the means of transport or leave the facilities.

f) If, following identification of the user, the ticket or travel card is not valid because of the user’s characteristics, or if the user refuses to identify themselves thus making it impossible to check this point, staff must retain the ticket or travel card and deposit it at the place defined so that the holder, on providing evidence of their identity, may reclaim it.

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