Ten Business Commitments of FGC

FGC voluntarily makes the following commitments to its customers, employees, the Authorities, suppliers etc.:

1.- To the safety and quality of rail and leisure services:

We undertake to oversee the safety of our transport system and of the tourist and mountain facilities, applying the principle of prevention beyond compliance with the legally required minimum levels. Accordingly, we understand that promoting quality, based on professionalism, innovation, a customer-focused approach and continuous improvement in our processes for the provision of service, and for maintaining material and infrastructures cannot be dissociated from corporate support processes.

2.- To economic sustainability:

We are committed to working in order to obtain maximum efficiency in the management of the resources that society places in our hands.

3.- To the people who work for FGC:

We are committed to developing policies focused on offering quality employment that favours personal and professional development, equal opportunities, motivation and health and safety at work for the people who form part of the company.

4.- To the environment:

We are committed to including the preservation of the environment in our business strategy, by eliminating, and when that is not possible, mitigating any negative impacts and undesired consequences that our activity may generate.

5.- To universal accessibility:

We are committed to the principles of universal accessibility and design for all, so that our facilities and trains provide access, on a fully autonomous basis, for people who are permanently or temporarily in need of it.

6.- To civility and respect:

We are committed to fostering civility and respect for others in our trains and facilities, encouraging all the people who work at FGC as well as customers, contracted companies etc. to act in favour of and defend these values.

7.- To the country:

We are committed to contributing to social cohesion and the territorial balance of our country, acting as an economic driving force in the territories where our activity takes place, and incorporating into all our management and all our activities the firmest undertaking to our country, our language and our own culture, as well as to the conservation and protection of the industrial and architectural heritage from the history of FGC.

8.- To our society and community:

We are committed to taking into account the needs and interests of stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, authorities, territory, etc.) and including them in our business strategy and projects, making them compatible with the sustainability of FGC as a business.

9.- To good business governance:

We are committed to managing our business according to criteria of transparency, disseminating and communicating our activities in an accessible way and subjecting them to internal or external verification processes to guarantee their reliability and credibility.

10.- To ethical and social values:

We are committed to requiring that our suppliers and business partners show attitudes focused on sustainable development and respect for the environment that are compatible with FGC’s principles of social responsibility. Accordingly, we take on the commitments of the UN Global Compact, sharing its principles of conduct in relation to human rights, labour rights, the environment and the fight against corruption.